Thanks to BzzAgent, I had the pleasure of trying out the L’Oreal Skin Pure Clay Masks!

The #PureClayMask series features three clays – Kaolin, Montmorillonite & Moroccan Lava plus an extra nature sourced ingredient that aid in giving you the best skin as possible!

L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks

(From left to right)

• Detox & Brighten | Featuring Charcoal || This mask helps to draw out impurities, dirt & pollution, reduce dull skin, even out skin tone & increase luminosity. While using this mask I did notice the effects immediately! While charcoal has become a staple in more and more products, I find myself using them more and more because of my oily, acne prone skin.

• Exfoliate & Refine Pores | Featuring Red Algae || I really love this mask! It helps to unclog and tighten pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and smooth imperfections as well as refresh and allow skin to breathe. Before this mask, I hadn’t introduced any products with red algae to my routine. But, I love how the Red Algae helps to really help my skin shine! What I also love about this exfoliator is that it isn’t too rough on my skin. It does a great job of truly exfoliating without being too harsh.

• Purify & Mattify | Featuring Eucalyptus || This mask feels like home – a home that I always want to dwell in! My mum used to always have these Eucalyptus plants at home that would instantly calm me, so at the smell alone, I was already hooked! This mask helps to absorb impurities, unclog pores, reduce excess shine and allows your skin to look amazing! As someone who has oily skin, this mask is great to use especially before a big event or on a daily basis. Out of All of the masks, this is definitely my favorite one!

✔️ Pros
• Affordable (In Wal-Mart & Target, near me, they retail for ~$9.50 – $10)
• Actually lives up to their claims
• Great packaging – glass jars with a secure lid; detailed info about masks on the box
• Comes in two options – glass jar or squeezable tube

❌ Cons
• Would love if it came with a brush of some sort to apply the masks for the jar option

Thank you so much to BzzAgent & L’Oreal Skin for these amazing masks! Have you tried them? What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

2:08 am

Being in constant transition is ultimately tiring.

Currently there are frozen vegetables in my crockpot. I’m making soup because I am cold and soup is one of those dishes that makes me feel better. I have papers on papers to do. My procrastination is still at an all time high. My self-sabotage is, as well. I do a great job of starting but never finishing. I don’t want my life to be that way, but it is one of the only things that I have been consistent at. Besides the usual self-pity party, I now realize that my life can somehow be summed up as condensation on a jar.

As of late, I have been staring at the wall and crying. I spent two hours on the phone with my mum earlier this week because my relationship with God is nonexistent and I’m scared of my life and any greatness that I might have within me. I can’t see it, feel it and I’m afraid that I was in my prime almost ten years ago, but never fully took advantage of it. If high school was my prime, well then God help us all.

I am tired. Of myself. Of putting myself out there. Of using my body as a bargaining chip. For someone who is so self-conscious, it’s interesting that I seek love in the physical form which in turn has hurt and challenged (read: changed) me internally more than anything. I want to be the Ciara before I made mistakes, but does she even exist?

I wrote in my phone the other day something to the fact that I am always good at hiding my emotions, but what if that starts to crack and the fact that I was so good at hiding them, it won’t exist anymore. I think that is the day that I’m scared of the most.


There have been times in my life where I was scared and didn’t do the work.

Scared to go places, scared to write, scared to talk to people, scared to speak up for me – basically scared of everything. As a result of this, I wouldn’t grow. I wouldn’t challenge myself to move and learn and be the best me that I could be. In 2015, my life was at a low. I was still making some sort of moves, but overall I was the epitome of existing. I followed my routine of going to school, going home, and going to work. At that time, the spirit of depression was also taking a toll on my life. I was unhappy, unsatisfied and plain tired of being stuck in the same routine year after year.

It was around the spring time when I started to contemplate about the idea of spending my summer in Georgia at a community college taking a couple of classes to refocus and determine what I was doing with my life and what I wanted to do with my life. I spoke with my Mom about the idea and she always encouraged me to go. In fact – she was the one who suggested it. She could see that I was struggling with so much and she didn’t want to see me not reach my full potential. I remember sitting with her on the couch in the living room having a heart to heart. I told her that I didn’t want to regress, I didn’t want to be mediocre but yet I didn’t want to regret not giving myself a chance – a chance to be great.

Do you know what I did? Right after my spring semester at UT Arlington ended, I moved to Georgia.

It’s been over a year and I have my associates degree, I am now two semesters away from graduating with my bachelor’s (!!!) and although there have been bumps in the road, I am on the path to living a life where I’m not just existing but actually living!


Write a list of where you are now and where you want to be. What is stopping you? Are you scared to move? Are you scared to commit to yourself? What is hindering you from moving forward and being the best you that you can be? We only have one life to live – I know you may be scared, but girl do work. Make your dreams your reality.


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