There is no doubt that music has the power to heal.

Nine years ago, I got into Korean Pop (K-Pop) music. At first, it was fun. Flashy outfits, iconic dances, cute boys…so many cute boys.

No literally – 13 people in ONE group? …Insane.

Then it became not only appreciating the music but actually connecting with it. While I have yet to learn Korean (working on it!), there are many songs that I have looked to for comfort and joy. No matter what language you speak or don’t speak, music is truly a universal language. It has the power to connect and to heal.

Today, I present you with five of my favorite inspiring Korean songs that remind me to trust myself, shine bright, keep going, be proud of myself and remember that I am worth it and things will always work out in the end.

 I – Taeyeon feat. Verbal Jint 

But strong girl, you know you were born to fly
Tears you’ve cried,
all of the pain you’ve felt
for the day you’ll fly even higher,
It’s to prepare you. Butterfly,
Everybody’s gonna see it soon

Keep on Doin’ – LUNA

Your life, your style, make it your own
So no one can easily follow
Don’t force yourself to fit some place else
Come on baby, no matter what anyone says
Just walk on your own path

Your exhausted mornings, your crazy afternoons
Your lazy dawns, It’s okay

Just keep going
Now listen to what’s inside
The dreams that rise up
They’re only going to you
Feel yourself, like this
Dance all you want, lightly
Time spreads out far
Only fill it with you

Going Higher – Ailee feat. Yiruma

Even if there is a big wall that I can’t climb over
I can climb over it, I can do it
No matter what hardships come, I won’t be shaken
I can win over it, it’s not a problem

Going higher, you can’t block me
There is no more fear on this path I’m going
Going higher, the moment I’ve waited for
You will see a different me, brightly shining

As I Am – Yerin Baek

I’m fine with livin’
I’m fine with arguing
But no one can change me
And I’m still gon’ be here
I’m not like the others
But I’m fine with livin’
No one can be me
I’m still gon’ be here as I am
As I am

Black Happiness – Yoon Mi Rae

When I hate the world, music comforts me
So you gotta be strong
You gotta hold on and love yourself
When I hate the world, music gets me back on track
So you gotta be strong
You gotta hold on and love yourself

Sometimes it’s hard to see all the good things in your life
And I know it hurts sometimes, but you gotta be willing to try
Sometimes it’s hard to see all the good things in your life
So you gotta be strong, You gotta hold on and love yourself

What are some of your favorite inspirational songs?


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[lyrics via color coded lyrics, genius & 1theK]