For the past few months, it’s been hard to sit down and make content for this blog. As someone who has been blogging…forever (think middle school), I started blogging as a way to connect to someone, anyone for that matter. On Blogger, I made my first blog and several blogs later, I finally started connecting with people. I had some sort of a following, had a couple of blogger buddies and looked forward to creating content.

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There is no doubt that music has the power to heal.

Nine years ago, I got into Korean Pop (K-Pop) music. At first, it was fun. Flashy outfits, iconic dances, cute boys…so many cute boys.

No literally – 13 people in ONE group? …Insane.

Then it became not only appreciating the music but actually connecting with it. While I have yet to learn Korean (working on it!), there are many songs that I have looked to for comfort and joy. No matter what language you speak or don’t speak, music is truly a universal language. It has the power to connect and to heal.

Today, I present you with five of my favorite inspiring Korean songs that remind me to trust myself, shine bright, keep going, be proud of myself and remember that I am worth it and things will always work out in the end. Continue reading “MUSIC | 5 INSPIRING K-POP SONGS”


Happy 4th! It’s been awhile since I have posted on my blog and it is long overdue! What better way to come back than to give you that good good?! Summer is in full swing. Whether you’re traveling the world or making the most of it in your backyard, I have some goods to keep your summer going just right.

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Hey, Hi, Hello!

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and actually crafted a post on my blog. Firstly, Happy 2018! Let’s do a quick recap of the last few months, shall we?

I Graduated!

I finally graduated university! Being in school for seven years was truly an experience. I learned so much about myself, mental health, people and the education system. As much as school can drain me, I’m currently getting prepared for grad school. I’ll have more info on that soon!

Happy 2018!

I rang in the new year with a couple of friends, met some new people, contemplated my purpose, struggled to find a job and started to wonder what this year had in store for me.


Things have calmed down a bit. I’m still on the search for what I want to do (long-term), working full time, loving, working on self, trying to write more and pursuing more creative projects.

I know that this was such a short recap, but I’m excited to post more in the future.

See you soon!

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It’s April! April marks new beginnings, rain showers, re-affirming one’s worth, completing goals and setting new ones, music from old and new faves, coffee and tea dates with friends, starting new ventures, realizing fears and turning them into accomplishments, learning how to love me so I can love others better, dates, kisses and being the best me I can be. Oh and starting to blog again. I hope you’re ready. 😉

See you soon!

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