2017 MUSIC


  Three verses, hell yes I still ain’t get my Grammy’s in the mail yet I just want my momma happy like a toy sale And to stay connected to the world like a long ass voicemail I hear the seams snappin’, And I’m the team cap’in No more knee slappin or shoe shining Or …

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2017 Mix/Playlist MUSIC


It’s been awhile since I posted a playlist on my blog. As autumn (although it’s still summer in South Georgia) is officially upon us, I want to share some tunes that have served as the current soundtrack to my life. The tunes range in genres and contain some of my favorite and current favorite artists. So …

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Elevation Church
2017 Faith Tea With Ciara

Monday Musings | Unconditional Love

Let’s get personal for a second – throughout my time on the interweb, I have been very transparent about my personal struggles with depression and anxiety. I have posted various blogs, deleted various blogs (lol) and reached out in different ways. I wanted to be transparent because one, I didn’t want to feel alone and …

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